Playing the 1724 Vater Müller organ 
   at the Oude Kerk, Amsterdam.

Charles Rus is Music Director of the Franciscan Friary at Assumption Church in Syracuse, New York. Charles is also employed at  Kerner and Merchant Pipe Organ Builders, also in Syracuse.

A native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Charles received degrees from the Eastman School of Music, the University of Michigan, and, as a Fulbright Scholar, the Folkwang Hochscule fur Musik in Essen, Germany. 

He has worked with organ builders Jack Bethards (Schoenstein), George Bozeman, and Fritz Noack, and he has helped restore various organs, including the E. M. Skinner organ in Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is also an organ consultant and in that capacity has helped to bring the significant John Brombaugh Opus 9 to Sonoma State University.

He has been organist for the San Francisco Symphony, organ teacher at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, organist for Temple Emanu-El, San Francisco, Organist and Choir Director at Corpus Christi Church, Rochester, and Musician for St. Thomas Episcopal, Seattle.

Charles composes liturgical music, much of which can be found hereTo see a video of my choir singing one of my anthems, click here.

Assumption Church, Syracuse

Gary Blaise, instrument builder in San Francisco, built for me a hand-pumped organ of 3 stops:

8' Principal of Alaskan Yellow Cedar, full length to low C,

8' Harmonic Flute, and

4' Quintadena.

Short octave, meantone temperament.

The range is 5 octaves so that one can play everything an octave higher.  

The 8' Principal slider is "tuned" so that when it is partially pushed in, an Italian Voce Humana is created with the Harmonic Flute.

The assembly of the organ is documented in a video, which you can see by clicking here.